Don't display whole world in dropdownlist via TFS2015.2 +

Jan 12 at 6:14 AM
TFS 14.95.25229.0
Multi Value Custom Control

  1. Create new WorkitemType
    <FIELD name="Language" refname="Impacted.Language" type="String" reportable="dimension">
    <HELPTEXT>Pick impacted languages</HELPTEXT>
    <SUGGESTEDVALUES expanditems="true">
      <LISTITEM value="abcd" />
    <REQUIRED />
<Control FieldName="Impacted.Language" Type="MultiValueControl" Label="&Language" LabelPosition="Left" />
  1. Install and enable the extension.
  2. Create new Bug and check it.
Can not display whole world in web page.
in this sample, only list 'bc' in field.

If I export the WIT again, the data fine in the xml.

Then install msi with VS 14.0.25123.00U2
When create new bug,
There is error message about
"Language contains a value that is not supported by the multiple value control because it is either empty or does not properly sparate its values by enclosing them square brackets. The string representing multiple values should be of the form "[value 1];[value 2]""

Then I update the value to "[abcd]". It display 'abcd' in webpage. And display '[abcd]' In VS

So, Must I add square bracket in my value when I use or I have other error?

I check The value do not have square brackets. And it work fine.