MultiValueControl Problem

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Mar 18, 2008 at 8:13 PM
Hello to all,
I need help here. I like the control and what it can do and want to implement it in my project. I am using VSTF 2005 single server configuration. I went to the source code tab and downloaded the ChangeSet 30266 to my machine. I downloaded it, removed the source control bindings and then built the solution in VS 2005. I can find the dlls for the MultiValueControl BUT how do I install them? Do I need to install it on every client machine or on the server itself?

Is there a setup program that does this or do I copy the files over? Any guidance on a clear setup instruction would be appreciated.

Apr 10, 2008 at 8:31 PM
the control must be deployed on every client machine. The client machine must have VS 2005 SP1 installed. if they have 2008 then you need to build another version of the control but linking it to the 2008 Team Foundation assemblies.

The server only need to know the control is used in a work item type. so you need to modify your Work Item Type definition xml on the server. the current version of process template editor does not support custom controls. You will have to directly insert the control into the Work Item Type definition xml (see control detail page regarding this)

The way it work is that the client parses the definition from the server. it will look in the Custom Controls folder to see if there is a *.wicc that know about the custom control. the wicc file will tell the client to grab the control from CodePlex.WitCustomControls.dll. the client then will load the dll and display the control on the work item form.