TFS 2017 / Multiselect1.3.2.4 doesnt work

Hi I upgraded ourr test to TFS 2017 and installed version of multi select. My problem is that the control does not drop down and show the list values. Please advise

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TFS 2015 2.1 MultiValueControl on WebAccess won't load

I have installed the Visual Studio 2015 plugin and the MultiValueControl works fine. When I go to our tfs website my control displays the text 'Cannot create work item control of type "MultiValueC...

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TFS 2015 update3 Multivalue issue

If multivalue field have a value in quotes - TFS cannot save this. For Example - value [he said it is "true"] will not be saved but value [he said it is "true"] will

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Multivalue control for tfs2013

i am implementing multi value control on TFS2013. i have downloaded WitCustomControlSetup2015 and installed on web and client machine. and fallowed the procedure from (

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Multivalue cuts off first and last character in TFS 2015

When viewing selected items in the field OR when the field is dropped all items are missing the first and last character. This is in TFS 2015. We just upgraded from TFS 2013 where we did not see ...

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MultiValueControl with list of valid users is not working

Hi, we are trying to do something like this: <FIELD name="ProjectMembers" refname="Custom.Sprint.ProjectMembers" type="String"> <SUGGESTEDVALUES expanditems="true" filteritems="excl...

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MultiValue Control Does Not Update Conditional List Items

I'm not sure when this stopped working, but I'm pretty sure it used to work. When the SUGGESTEDVALUE items are conditional on another field's value (used with WHEN clauses), and the value in the c...

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Issues while updating values in Multivalue Custom Control

Hello, While updating values in the "MultiValue" custom control I am facing issues. Each time despite of the fact that the WIT file is opened from Server I still see the old values which were eith...

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TFS SharePoint support for Multivalue control

For TFS Web Access, there is an Web Access Extension to support Multivalue control. Is there any plans to support Multivalue control for SharePoint that's been integrated with TFS? Users are able t...

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TestCase Associated Automation

Hello I am getting following error in TestCase workitem Associated Automation field. any one can tell me how can i solve this control for TFS 2013. TF400939: The custom control type 'Microsoft.Te...

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