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This control presents a simple web browser control inside the TFS client form. The control is configurable via XML attributes to display any webpage, and can pass in fields to be used as parameters in the URL.

In order to use this control, at two files must be present in the deployment folder:


The deployment folder is located at the following location under a default client install: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Team Foundation\Work Item Tracking\Custom Controls.

Below is an example of the "Control" entry which should be added to your work item schema to include this control on your form:

<Tab Label="Connect">
<Control Type="WebBrowserControl" URL="{0}&amp;param1={1}" Params="fieldreferencename,fieldreferencename" Dock="Fill"/>

Where the URL attribute is a formatted string containing parameter placeholders if needed. The Params attribute is optional, and if omitted, the URL will be used verbatim. If the Params attribute is present, the control will try to look up the values of those fields in the current work item and place the value in the relative positions of the marked parameters in the URL.

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MOlausson Jan 17, 2010 at 9:12 PM 
Thanks. I'll take a look again at what it would take to implement it as a web control as well.

wedykec Jan 14, 2010 at 10:54 PM 
I really like this control. I wish there were a way to make it work with the TFS addon Team System Web Access since the web access interface is what most people in my company use.