Replicating the existing Iteration Path control

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Oct 16, 2007 at 7:04 AM
I have a TreeViewComboBox control I've written, which is functionally (and aesthetically) identical to the control used for Iteration and Area Path on the Work Item forms by default. It derives from the ComboBox control, and I'm happy to provide it here. Alas I've both failed to built the custom controls here successfully and failed on a first effort following on-line guides and copying code here and elsewhere to implement it as a custom control for use with TFS. I would like to ask quickly if anyone will help me achieve this here? Cap in hand ...

The driving need is to have a control ultimately which will be able to do security checks and permit only project administrators to set the Iteration Path. Alas Iteration Path is one system field that work item customization rules cannot be applied to (go figure!) and the advice I ind on-line suggests using a custom control is a way to implement this. So here I am trying.

It must surely be of interest to others, not just me, to keep some control over the triage process and who on the team can inject work into and evict work from a given iteration we're in. As is, it's open house and policing movement of work items into and out of iterations is a bothersome chore made much simpler if you restrict the number of people who can make those calls on a team.

I messaged hayderc with this question, as first name on the People list, but no reply yet so I'm trying a public post. I would be most appreciative of any help in progressing this effort.